We are the proud Gay Division of Lonely Ronin Travel!

When the founder of Lonely Ronin conceived this project, he did it from the experience he lived in Japan and from his immense passion towards that island and its people. And soon he would discover that the world is full of people attracted to Japan, its culture, its history, its way of being. And those people deserved more than the typical stiffed tours offered by conventional agencies. It had to be something different because Japan is itself different from the rest. It had to be an immersive journey, pleasant, full of laughter, full of moments of silence and contemplation, of fabled landscapes, of ineffable sensations.


Oscar currently lives in Spain, as well as the rest of the Lonely Ronin team. So this project is not about making profit but about sharing experiences, even if it requires to fly half of the world every time that a traveler summons us to enjoy this adventure. We are driven by real enthusiasm and you will notice it every time you travel with us. Rather than just making a trip to Japan we aim to enjoy life and we hope that our trips help you to achieve that goal.


But how about taking step forward? Adding a bit more of intimacy, more complicity between you and your fellow travelers and a pinch of extra freedom: There is your exclusive LGBTI tour to Japan!


For many this journey is almost a dream, and that is the way they have envisaged it until the very moment they found us. With such expectations and such will to live a fascinating chapter in your life, we want this trip to suit you 100%. So, if you don't find ideal our group routes drop us a line and let us know how would you like to experience the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese people will be there with open arms waiting for you!



The vast majority of the audiovisual contents that you will find in our website has been pictured and filmed by ourselves. That reflects the fidelity of our trips. Our images are a reliable witness of what you will see in person. What a pity that we can't transmit other sensations such as smells, textures or atmosphere!





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