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A great option: Group tours made private. You might love the routes we have designed!


Essential Japan is the ideal route for those who visit Japan for the first time. We have selected the most iconic cities of the archipelago, so you can take home the true essence of Japan!

Essential Japan tour

Volcanos, ghost islands, wildest nature, nuclear boms, hot springs, hidden shrines, archaeology... a trip suitable for Indiana Jones and true adventurers only!

Southern Wonders Tour

Medieval Japan includes World Heritage wonders that will make you travel at least 250 years back in time.

You will visit the most beautiful Japanese garden of the whole country and one of the most impacting castles that remains standing.

Medievial Japan Tour

If you are stressed out of your work and daily life and need some time to disconnect, how about a bit of islandtherapy in heaven? Okinawa islands are an outstanding place to enjoy many of the best beaches of the world, exotically mixed with the local Ryukyu culture, amazing diving experiences and unspoiled nature.

Heavenly Okinawa Tour