Essential Info

Enjoy the most gay friendly side of Japan with our guided tours around the country. Your trip with us starts upon landing to the country of the Rising Sun. Let us take care of everything and just enjoy!

Pick your own flight

Pick the flight that best suits your needs with your favorite agency. Just make sure that you will land in Japan the same day as the rest of the group and we will be punctually at the airport waiting for you!.1

Your hotel is handpicked

We personally check and filter the best hotels to ensure the best location and comfort. Sometimes you will even have the choice to sleep at Japanese-style rooms with tatami floor and traditional futons.

Guided all the way

From your arrival to your departure, you will always be accompanied by your travel guide throughout the whole itinerary. You also have the choice to request a private tour on your free days during the trip.


Gastronomy a la carte

Enjoy the Japanese gastronomy in local restaurants and izakaya food pubs. Every night you will be given several choices of restaurants to dine in on your own if the guide's choice is not to your liking.

Photography service

Pictures are the best way to share your experience with your friends, so we have prepared an optional photography service to immortalize your best moments during your trip to Japan.

Enjoy a different trip!

Our trips are designed to delight you with the most traditional essence of Japan, carefully mixed with the local gay scene and culture. Your tour guide and travel mates are all gay, so just be yourself!




Before departing


Depending on your nationality and country of residence you might need to obtain a visa before arriving to Japan. Citizens of the European Union may visit Japan without visa for a period up to 90 days. Please contact the nearest consulate of Japan for more info.


Health insurance

Japan does not provide free healthcare. You might want to contract a health insurance to cover eventual needs during your trip. Your travel agency will offer you this option when you purchase your flight, but it is also available in insurance companies and banks.


Currency exchange

If your trip starts in Kyoto we advise to exchange your money in this city. There is a currency exchange office right in front of Kyoto train station that applies a very low commission. Otherwise you might want to exchange in your country of origin. Passengers arriving without Japanese yen will need to exchange at the airport at least to cover expenses of the first two days of the tour.


Phone calls and data

It is highly recommended to enable the roaming service of your mobile phone provider before departing to Japan. Unlike other countries, obtaining a local SIM card in Japan is very difficult and you may need to call your tour guide in case of emergency during your trip.



What to bring in your luggage

The type of clothing and items suitable for your trip depends on the weather season and the type of route. Please find detailed info on the specific PDF brochure corresponding to your tour.


Luggage recommendations for all tours:


Medicines. Bring a small bag packed full of essential medicines with you like cold and flu tablets, hay fever/allergy medicine, ibuprofen and paracetamol. Japanese medicines are much weaker than Western ones and the timetable of the pharmacies is very limited.

Wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off is highly advisable. Japan is a country where you have to remove your shoes in plenty of places: temples, shrines, homes, certain restaurants and shops, etc.

Power adapter. Most hotels provide it, but they do not have enough for all guests. More info about the electricity in Japan here.

Mobile phone with roaming service enabled.

Tissues and hand sanitizer. Public toilets run out of toilet paper and hand soap very often.

Your printed copy of the Japanese food guide provided by Go!GayJAPAN. Very likely to be used everyday.

Travel light. Bringing heavy suitcases might turn a wonderful trip into a headache. The lighter you travel the easier is to move around.



Culture awareness

Customers with tattoos are not allowed onto hot springs, saunas and public swimming pools. This is set to prevent yakuza members to join these facilities.

Smoking on the street is prohibited. There are designated areas to do so in restaurants and public spaces.

Being loud and body contact are big no-nos in Japan. Modesty in the way you communicate with others is highly appreciated by locals.

Japanese kids are the cutest ever, but approaching them or taking pictures is seriously frowned upon by adults.

It is unlikely to see Japanese couples kissing or holding hands in the streets and many people will advise to do the same. However, young generations are eager to break that rule and watching foreigners showing affection in public may help. Just keep a certain degree of discretion when showing up your love on the streets.

It is a requirement to keep quiet when using the public transportation. That includes to switch your phone to silent mode.

Your tour guide will inform you about a full range of aspects you should consider during your trip to Japan. Most of them are based on common sense, so if you are naturally a polite person you will have no problems at all.



Cancellation policy

Your initial down payment secures your seat in a tour and may not be modified or cancelled. It will be fully refunded if the trip is cancelled by Go!GayJAPAN due to lack of travelers or sickness of the tour guide.



Got any questions?

Please visit our Frequent Asqued Questions to find a quick answer for your inquiry. If you can't find it, feel free to contact us.



1. You might be asked to wait with your guide at the airport if the next traveler arrives within 2 hours of your arrival time. This is likely to happen if your flight arrives to Tokyo or Osaka airports. Alternatively, you may go directly to the designated hotel without being picked up.