Oscar López, founder and guide

The first time I went to Japan I was only 18 years old. That was not a surprise to my family, I had always dream of living in Asia since I was a little kid. The initial idea was to make a quick trip to browse around Japan, but suddenly I felt prey of a strong magnetism in the air. The sounds, the lights, the tone of the voices, the peaceful feeling that soaks everything, the tiny objects, the shrines and temples, the language, the smiles, the underground culture of anime and manga, the history...

So I decided to stay and to start a new and unexpected life in that fascinating island. But I didn’t speak Japanese, I was alone without money or bank cards, without even a phone, without internet. In a country where your need a Japanese guarantor to rent a simple room, I had to eat snow from the streets to survive. Nevertheless, I wanted to stay, I was happy, I was a lonely ronin wandering around in the wonderful Land of the Rising Sun.

Luckily I started a new job as Spanish teacher and in parallel I joined an editorial team of a newspaper in Tokyo. My Japanese was progessing and finally I was taking charge of my new life far far away from my homeland.

Four years later I decided to open a coffee shop in Philippines. Then I sold it out and moved to London, where I joined British Airways as cabin crew member for two more years.

Then I came to live in Madrid, Spain. But Japan was still there, deep inside my heart. Always considered my second homeland. Always present in my personality and thoughts. So the best idea ever came to my mind: why not to keep enjoying Japan with people like you? And then, Lonely Ronin and Go!GayJAPAN were born!



Jesús Herraiz, personal guide

The first time I went to Japan I was driven by my liking for manga and anime, but nothing prepared me for what I would find when I arrived there. I was so impacted by the friendliness of the Japanese people that I soon forgot about the reason that took me to Japan.

Surprisingly I'm not a big fan of manga and anime anymore, and yet my interest in Japan keeps increasing everyday.

As I prepare myself to move to Kyoto for a few years, I appreciate every opportunity to show you what Japan, its culture, its history and its people is all about.

Welcome to Go!GayJAPAN! Let's enjoy this amazing experience together!!