About Oscar



My story

The first time I went to Japan I was only 18 years old. That was not a surprise to my family, I had always dream of living in Asia since I was a little kid. The initial idea was to make a quick trip to browse around Japan, but suddenly I felt prey of a strong magnetism in the air. The sounds, the lights, the tone of the voices, the peaceful feeling that soaks everything, the tiny objects, the shrines and temples, the language, the smiles, the underground culture of anime and manga, the history...

So I decided to stay and to start a new and unexpected life in that fascinating island. Soon I started a new job as Spanish teacher and in parallel I joined an editorial team of a newspaper in Tokyo.

After my over four years in Japan I decided to open a coffee shop in Philippines. Later on I sold it out and moved to London, where I joined British Airways as cabin crew member for two more years.

But Japan was still there, deep inside my heart. Always considered my second homeland. Always present in my personality and thoughts. So the best idea ever came to my mind: why not to enjoy Japan with gay people from all over the world? And then Go!GayJAPAN was born.


What I bring to this trip

Honestly I think that there are tons of professional tourist guides that may know much more than me about the history of the monuments that we will be visiting. They might be even native speakers. They are meticulous, well trained and everything is perfectly planned.

Once ago I joined myself a guided group tour in China. I felt myself immersed in a flock of sheep always running from spot A to spot B, always surrounded by thousands of tourists who follow exactly the same path. Because everything was just a business. That is how I learnt the way it shouldn't be.

I take this work very seriously, but at the same time I want to consider you my friend and that is how I will treat you. My goal is to create good memories, to have lots of fun and laughs together. I'm always willing to go the extra mile to make your trip unforgettable.

I'm an adventurer by nature, and I would love to meet people alike. You might not believe it, but I have never been to some of the destinations included in the most exotic itineraries of the website. I want to discover them with you, side by side, so we will both let Japan to fascinate us at the same time. There is always room for surprises, for improvisation, and of course for suggestions that I'm very open to take into consideration.



What's so gay in these tours

Knowing that all travelers are gay is always a comfortable feeling. That brings you freedom to talk about any subject, to share your stories with the rest of the group. Who wouldn't want to walk hand-in-hand with his boyfriend in a gay group?


If we are lucky we will assist gay events such as the Penis Festival, the Rainbow Pride or the Nude Party in the streets of Japan.


On the other hand we might visit isolated areas such as forests or inhabited islands where you can practice nudism or to make love with your partner in the nature. I don't plan to set any limits with this regards, so just focus on enjoying!


And who knows? Maybe you meet Mr. Right during your trip :)